About US

Who we are

Bays-DV Co., LTD was set up in 1996. It ranks among the major market participants, dedicating in meat products wholesale in Russian Federation, and takes one of the major places in the Far East meat market.

During two decades if its existence the Company managed to establish good relations and entente cordiale with leading world suppliers and producers, creating a goodwill on the world market stage.

At present, the sales geography of Bays-DV is already beyond the Far Eastern scope and now extends to the Western regions of our country. The biggest meat processing plants of the Far East are among our clients.

Unstained reputation on the domestic market has assisted in Bays-DV position as one of the main import quota holders of frozen meat.

Bays-DV owns temporary storage warehouse and perfect staff team make the process of customs clearance carried out at the earliest possible date.

The permanent presence of Rosselkhoznadzor inspector ensures the strict observance of veterinary control on the warehouse territory.

Up-to-date warehouse facilities with automatically effected goods handling based on the bar code scanning gives us the perfect opportunity to offer the first class and efficient service to our customers. 

Our credo

Company’s aim is to build up the long-term and mutually beneficial relations with our customers.

Our guarantees:

Bays-DV Co., LTD guarantees

• High quality meat products

• Strict observance of sanitary code

• Regularity of supplies.

• Accuracy and efficiency


The stable work of our company is our clients’ success assurance.